Lil Nas X, rapper, gay, Old Country Road, BBC Breakfast interview

After cryptic tweets suggesting his queer identity, 20-year-old rapper Lil Nas X was finally asked point-blank by the media whether he’s gay or what. He is gay, and he says the homophobic backlash isn’t getting to him because he used to be similarly negative online.

Charlie Stayt and Naga Munchetty, co-hosts of BBC’s Breakfast program, chatted with Lil Nas X this morning. In their talk, the rapper said he was gay and added “I don’t have anything to hide.”

He said:

“I kinda revealed it, y’know? That I am gay. It was just something that I was never just [revealing] ever, just like taking to the grave or something. But it was like, I don’t want to just, live my entire life, especially how I just got to where I am, not doing what I want to do. And I also, I feel like, opening doors for more people who… that they feel more comfortable pretty much. Especially within the hip-hop and country community… [homosexuality] is not really accepted in either, so…”

When asked about the homophobic backlash to his coming out, he said, “I’m already getting it. Learning the internet over the past couple of years, so it’s I used to be that person being negative. I’m not angry or anything, y’know, because I understand how they want that reaction. But I’m just going to joke back with them.”

When Munchetty asks “how big of a deal” his coming out was, they missed a key point on why his coming out was such a big fuggin’ deal. But here it is:

His December 2018 song “Old Town Road” — which mixes rap and country music with fellow musician Billy Ray Cyrus — recently broke records as the longest running number one hip-hop song in history, dominating the charts for 13 consecutive weeks.

He’s currently the most successful hip-hop musician in the industry, and for a genre that isn’t know for its homo-friendliness, that’s a big deal.

Here’s his BBC Breakfast interview:



Check out the original story here: Queerty.



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